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Extensively worked premier genetics with a “Pay what you can” model disrupting the industry. Check out our about EOS page for details on who/what/why of it all.


Committed To Sustainability

The cannabis industry as a whole is a massive disappointment when it comes to the environment, growing practices used and the packaging the end product ends up in. Honestly, it should be criminal.

We package all our seeds in glass jars with cork toppers. Why? Everything is traceable to the source, everything is reusable or recyclable and everything is sustainable. Until the industry creates a hemp packaging product line this is what we will stick with. Period.
From using solar power, collecting water (within the law), recycling & reusing soil and evaluating every product we use and the supply chain in which it comes from…we sleep well at night.

We Follow Best Practices

From reusing/recycling soil to organic sustainable fertilizers we are forward thinking in everything we do

Sustainable Packaging
HLVD Free seed stock

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